Neighborhood Value’s Going Up!

I’ve always preached about the importance of increasing your curb appeal, but many people don’t realize what it can do for the overall value of your home.

Let me explain…

There’s a term called “revitalization” which happens in all areas of every community in America. It happens in the low-end price range cities as well as our most luxurious and prestigious addresses.

This is commonly referred to as “keeping up with the Jones’s” and the basis is simple. When one person buys a new car, statistically a few of their neighbors will go out and buy a new one as well. And that trend continues throughout the community. The same is true as people get a new roof, fence in their backyard or do major improvements to their landscaping.

You already know that interior improvements on your home can increase your enjoyment of living there as well as the overall value of the property. But many people fail to realize that you can contribute to increasing the value of the entire community by doing exterior upgrades.

When you get back to focusing on the neighborhood as a whole, a community can truly raise the home value of every single house in the area.

As one home starts to look really nice on the outside, with beautiful landscaping and attractive curb appeal, you’ll see that each of the surrounding neighbors begin their beautification projects as well. That trend continues throughout the neighborhood and spreads street to street as everyone shows the pride of ownership.

The higher percentage of properties we see doing these upgrades or improvements, the faster you’ll see virtually everyone jumping on the bandwagon.

Of course, this can raise the desirability factor of the homes in the area so when a few of your neighbors put their property up for sale, it sells for a few thousand dollars more, thus raising the value for every single property owner in the community.

Personally, I’ve seen that you’ll always get MORE than the money invested for professional landscaping and design when doing your exterior improvements. Your value can go up by 200% to 300% more than the money invested in the exterior upgrades, plus you’ll be doing your part to inspire your neighbors in beginning the exterior revitalization of the area.

I refer service providers from our “dream team” all the time. Sometimes it’s a landscaper, a lawn care specialist, a roofing company, siding company or even a window replacement firm. Each of these types of companies can give you free quotes so that you can weigh your options in creating more enjoyment for the home that you live in.

One of the fun things you can do here is have a landscaping company stop out to do a digital mockup of what your home would look like with their recommended upgrade packages. Their printouts look like a real-life picture of your home with the landscaping already installed in front. They may give you three different options to consider!