Target Marketing Is The Key To Success If You Want To Sell Your House For The Most Amount Of Money

And Here's Why:

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The sales approach used to sell your luxury priced home matters!

If You Want To Sell For Top Dollar, You Need Consider These Factors:

  • How many active buyers versus houses for sale are in your price range? If there are more houses on the market than active buyers to buy them all, which is the case above $600,000, then you must go find your target buyers, don't expect them to find you!
  • What type of marketing will be used to sell your house?
  • The traditional methods of marketing, at best, would only reach those people actively looking to buy right now. This would include listing your property on the MLS (including Zillow,, trulia, etc.); a for sale sign in your front yard; some color brochures; a few open houses; some local ads as well as a few Facebook ads. These are traditional approaches all realtors use, but they only reach those people actively searching for a house today.
  • What about all those other people who would love your house, are qualified to buy it, and who are the perfect fit in terms of amenities, benefits and location? Just because they are not actively looking to buy today, does not mean they wouldn't buy if the right opportunity presented itself.
  • Target marketing to find your most opportune buyer is the only guaranteed way to create demand for your property. Without it, you can only hope an active buyer finds and falls in love with your house instead of all the other competing houses.
  • We believe target marketing for the purpose of creating demand is the absolute best way to sell a luxury priced property. It will likely earn you 10’s or even 100’s of thousands of dollars more because you won't have to keep lowering your price. Just imagine all the things you and your family can do with that extra money.

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"David & The Rapid Results Team sold our property for $125,000 MORE than any other Realtor believed it was worth!" 


"The First agent we interviewed was David Reecher. We then interviewed other agents so we could compare the difference between them all. The difference between David and the other agents was very clear, he was all about using target marketing to create demand for our property, and we felt this approach was exactly what we needed in order to sell quickly and for the highest price, as we had a very unique property to sell. So we hired David! At the beginning of the process, we had other agents telling us the value of our property was $125,000 LESS than David Reecher actually sold it for. David believed it was worth more and he was right. He created a lot of interest for our property and we received multiple offers and went under contract after being listed for only 20 days.

~Ken & Barbara S.

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