Target Marketing Is The Key To Success If You Want To Sell Your House For The Most Amount Of Money

Or, you could just use the traditional marketing approaches 99% of all Realtors use, and hope a buyer finds & falls in love with your house!

FACT: In AA County, There are currently 5 to 10 times more houses for sale above $600,000 than active buyers to buy them


"We had been on the market for more than 300 days with a "top brokerage firm" before you got involved with selling our waterfront home. You, by far, created more buyer interest than any other agent. We were very pleased with the end result, as we ended up netting $30,000 more than we had expected."
~James L

Our mission is to sell our client's properties quickly, and for the most money possible. And since we provide a guarantee in writing, as well as invest thousands of dollars of our own money, we take this very seriously. And because there are 5 to 10 times more houses on the market priced at $600,000 and higher, we do not ONLY rely on selling to the active buyer pool. We use specialized target marketing approaches to find those people who are a perfect match for your house, in terms of demographics, psychographics and pin-pointing the micro market who would want your house. In other-words, we create a market for your property.  This is critical if you want any guarantee of selling quickly and for top dollar. (Click to see our video explaining target marketing in detail) We believe target marketing is the absolute best way to sell a luxury house, and can save tens of thousands, or possible even hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced sales price to the seller.

The Rapid Results Team Of Fathom Realty Specializes In Many Areas


"The First agent we interviewed was David Reecher. We then interviewed other agents so we could compare the difference between them all. The difference between David and the other agents was very clear, he was all about using target marketing to create demand for our house, and we felt this approach was exactly what we needed in order to sell quickly and for the highest price, as we had a very unique property to sell. So we hired David at the beginning of the process, we had other agents telling us the value of our house was $125,000 LESS than David Reecher actually sold our house for. David believed it was worth more and he was right. He created a lot of interest for our house, we received multiple offers and we went under contract after being listed for only 20 days.


David put us into his dream home finder program.

Now came the scary part. Our house was under contract and we needed to find a new house to buy or move to, and we only wanted to buy in one specific neighborhood in Davidsonville, a neighborhood where very few houses ever sell. We weren't going to settle for any other location even if that meant we would have to rent for a while. David, on his own initiative, mailed to our desired neighborhood (on our behalf) multiple times over the next two months, and this sparked interest from people who were just beginning to think about selling in the near future. We have now purchased our new home in our neighborhood of choice and we couldn't be happier. In addition to his ability to use target marketing, David was a huge help during the negotiations for our new home, as we had a few challenges to overcome. We feel David always had our best interest at heart and made sure we were protected every step of the way. We highly recommend David Reecher for any real estate transaction you may ever have!"

~Ken & Barbara S.

We Specialize In Rapid Results

Did you attempt to previously sell your house to no success? More than likely, it's not your fault. Your realtor didn't take an effective enough approach to get your house seen by the right buyers. Not only do we practice target marketing, but we give you the information that allows you to properly get your house seen by the right people. The Rapid Results Team promises we will sell your home in 36 days or less, or we will pay you $6,000. If you'd like to have your house sold quickly and for top dollar, contact us today.

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